Come discover Quebec’s Lower North Shore with us.


Become a Member of Bohier Lake Camps
Your Membership card includes:
  • Roundtrip floatplane flight from Natashquan hydrobase to Bohier Camps
  • Five night stay at Bohier Lake Camps
  • All meals, accommodations and shore lunch at Camp.
  • Boat, motor and gas for your stay per 2 anglers, at no extra charge
Only 40 Membership cards will be issued for the 2022 season

2022 Membership card fee for Bohier Camps:

1,850.00 $USD all taxes included, for a group of 2 or 3 anglers

1,575.00 $USD all taxes included, for a group of 4 to 6 anglers

Make a reservation for a group of 4 anglers and get exclusive use or our two camps. Five lakes and Grossin River to enjoy, just for your group. The real peace!

General Conditions

  • The purchase of your 2022 Membership card is made in 2 payments: 50% deposit at reservation time; final payment due on May 1st 2022
  • Deposit is not refundable but can be transferred to another person,
    another date or for another year.
  • There is no extra charge for a prolonged stay and no rebate for a shortened stay, due to weather and flight conditions.
  • A minimum of 2 persons is required for each floatplane flight.
  • Maximum weight for personal luggage on floatplane transport is 60 lb.

2022 Schedule @ Bohier Camps

Updated 02/09/2022

Tuesday June 7 to Wednesday June 15 Opening – Staff in
Wednesday June 15 to Monday June 20 4 rods – Reserved – Full
Monday June 20 to Saturday June 25 4 rods – Reserved – Full
Saturday June 25 to Thursday June 30 4 Rods – Reserved – Full
Thursday June 30 to Tuesday July 05
Tuesday July 05 to Sunday July 10
Sunday July 24 to Friday July 29 4 rods -Reserved – Full
Friday July 29 to Wednesday August 03
Wednesday August 03 to Monday August 08 4 Rods – Reserved – Full
Monday August 08 to Saturday August 13 4 Rods – Reserved – Full
Saturday August 13 to Thursday August 18
Thursday August 18 to Tuesday August 23 4 Rods – Reserved – Full

What to Bring

The weather is quite unpredictable at the 51st parallel. Warm clothing, made out of synthetic fibers is recommended. Multiple layers is the name of the game. Long sleeves underwear,wool stockings and waders with felt or synthetic soles for river fishing. A good quality rain coat and pants, hat, cap, polarized sunglasses and a dry bag are very practical; sleeping bag, pillow cover and shower towel. Insect repellant (Watkins or Muskol), sunscreen, head net for river fishing, flashlight, multi-tool and camera. We supply water, juices and soft drinks. You have to bring your own alcoholic beverages like wine, spirits or beer (in cans please).
Fishing Equipment:
For Landlocked Salmon, a fast action 9 foot rod for line 7 or 8 with a large arbor reel and at least 100 yards of backing line is a good combination. On lakes, trolling is the essence and an extra fast sinking line (Type 6) is recommended. Both Rio and Sc. Anglers type 6 full sinking line do a great job. A full floating line as well and 6- 12 foot sinking tips leaders of different density can be very effective, depending on water levels.

For Brook Trout, an 8 ½ to 9 foot rod for line 5-6 with a standard reel and 50 yards of backing line is suggested. A good quality full floating line for dry fly fishing is a must. We recommend MAXIMA CHAMELEON TIPPETS AND LEADERS; they match the tea colored waters of the area. Spools from 4 to 10 lb will do the job.


Bohier Lake area remains largely unexplored. Bring your flies and give it a try. Here is a list of patterns that did well in the past season. Orange and Pink streamer flies worked great at Bohier in 2020.

Dry Flies: Wulff Series; Royal, Grizzly, White and Gray #8- #14; Elk Hair Caddis black, tan and orange #10-#16; Stimulator Orange, Black #6-#10, Adams, Humpies, Black Gnat #8-14

Nymphs: Hare’s Ear, Prince, Pheasant Tail, March Brown, Hendrickson; Size #10-14

Streamers: From Size #2- #4 and tandems: Woolly Buggers (Olive, Orange, Black), Grizzly Muddler; Smelt Series: Magog, Massawipi, Rainbow; Ghost Series: Orange, Yellow, Gray, Red and Black; Zonker, Mickey Finn, JR Cisco, Paul et Paul, Neptune, Pink and Orange Poupounes and yes… Mouse patterns size 4 and 6!!

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