About Camps Bohier

An exclusive Fly Fishing Club on Quebec’s Lower North Shore
Bohier Lake is at the head of the Musquaro Lake watershed, 75 miles North East of the village of Nastashquan. Access is available only by floatplane from Natashquan hydro base.

Fly fishing and catch and release of all mature fish is our mode of fishing management. Brook Trout (Speckled Trout), Landlocked Salmon (Ouananiche) and Lake Arctic Char are the three species present in our waters.

We offer all included packages to our visiting members: return flight from Natashquan by floatplane, 5 nights stay and all meals in camp; a boat, motor and gas at no extra charge per two anglers are included in your stay. Upon request, complimentary casting lessons and evening fly tying sessions are available.

About Camps Bohier

Fishing is done on three main lakes: Bohier, Grossin and Boulet. We opened 2 new lakes in 2020: Gauthier and Benoit Lakes. The quality of fishing on Benoit Lake is nothing less than exceptional on this two miles long headwater virgin Lake. River fly fishing is made on three different stretches of Grossin River for a total of 20 pools.

We are located on the 51st parallel, at mid-point between Anticosti Island and the Labrador border. Since the year 2000, the area has not been visited for 15 years… We stayed 8 weeks during the summer in 2014 and bought Bohier Camps, after due diligence in October 2015.

Our past season was one of discoveries and surprises. All camps and amenities are in very good shape and our knowledge of the territory is rapidly improving. Our remoteness from the Coast of the St-Lawrence River is the key element for the presence of pristine nature and trophy fishing. Brook Trout is abundant and can grow up to 3 pounds.

The largest Landlocked Salmon we caught in the 2023 season weighted more than 11 pounds. Ouananiche of more than 5 pounds are caught each week. Lake Arctic Char is also present.

The philosophy of Bohier’s shareholders is quite simple: Lake and river fly fishing, catch and release, conservation, pleasure, and adventure in a remote and untouched wilderness area.

François Boulet, managing partner

How to Get to Bohier Lake Camps

On Provincial road #138, from Quebec City to Natashquan

By Road:

On provincial road #138, from Quebec City to Natashquan

From Quebec City, travel times are as following:

  • 6 hours to get to Baie-Comeau
  • 11 hours to get to Havre-St-Pierre
  • 13 hours to get to Natashquan

You can stop in Baie-Comeau, many hotels are available. The Travelodge Hotel is a good choice. A reservation is highly recommended because of the short and busy summer season on the North Shor.

The next morning, you have a 7 and a half hours of traveling time left, before you arrive to Natashquan. If you leave Baie-Comeau around 9 AM, you get to Natashquan at around 5 PM. You can relax, have a good dinner, and sleep at La Cache Hotel. Reservation a must. The next morning, you are 5 minutes away from the seaplane base.

You can also drive direct to Havre St-Pierre and reserve at the Hotel du Havre, clean and comfortable. For supper, we suggest to you Chez Julie restaurant; simply the best seafood place on the North Shore. You will have less than two hours left of traveling time to get to Natashquan seaplane base.

The next morning, you leave Havre-St-Pierre around 6h30 AM, and get to Natashquan for 8h30 AM to take your floatplane flight. You will have a 50 minutes flight and be at Bohier Camps around 10h00 AM. You unpack, we’ll serve you a quick lunch and you can enjoy fly fishing the rest of your arrival day.

The Lac Bohier Experience, Quebec, Canada

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